Three Kidnapped Women Were Held At This House For 10 Years

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By now, you're well aware that three women were found safe after being held captive in a man's basement for 10 years in Cleveland, OH. The story (and the unlikely hero) have captured the attention of the nation, but now people are beginning to ask questions. Why couldn't police find these women after they went missing?

Well, the house in question may help answer that question. The house belonging to the suspect, Ariel Castro, is pretty normal from the outside. Here's what it looks like in a Google Street view image from 2009:


The house would look pretty normal to any bystander last week, but it takes on a creepier atmosphere now that the truth has come out. It's actually a little unsettling to think that three young women were being held hostage in the house's basement as Google's Street View car drove by in 2009.

Here's an interactive Street View version for those who want to tour the neighborhood in which the women were thankfully found alive and well:

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