Thousands of Student Emails Exchanged Accidently

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Thousands of students in the U.K. are really pissed at the Student Loan Company (SLC), an organization responsible for managing student finances, for leaking about 8000 email addresses to incoming students. The "administrative error" took place Monday as emails went out to incoming students to remind them about a funding deadline.

Students are outraged over the breech of security. The SLC admitted their mistake and issued a formal warning about the leak as well as an apology to any who may have been affected by the mistake.

Here are several key phrases from the letter:

"We are sorry that a number of student email addresses have been included in an email which has been sent to other customers."

"The information was sent in error and only included email addresses, no other personal student data was shared."

"We have contacted all customers affected to let them know about this issue."

"The integrity and security of student accounts and the protection of personal information is vital to us, and we apologise to all of the students involved."

There haven't been any reports of students taking legal action against the company, but it has caused quite a stir with students. It doesn't sound like any sensitive data was exchanged so hopefully there was minimal harm done.

We will keep you posted if anything new develops out of this administrative error.

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