This Wooden Spoon Doubles as a Stylus

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In products that are so simple that they're kind of genius news, I'm probably going to spend a few bucks and grab this new wooden spoon/stylus for my kitchen.

As sites like CHOW, Food 52, and even All Recipes as well as apps like Epicurious continue to replace traditional recipe books for many home cooks, sticky, contaminated iPads and other touchscreen devices become more and more of a problem.

For $7, you can avoid most of this hassle. Meet the ispoon kitchen stylus, a wooden spoon that doubles as a stylus for your in-kitchen touchscreen-using needs.

Just imagine: You grab a handful of ground beef and throw it in the skillet. You grab your wooden spoon to start breaking it up. Oh crap, how much cumin was I supposed to put in there? Now you can either wash your hands, or you can just flip over your spoon and tap your screen to find your answer. Hooray! No more E. coli on your iPad!

Sure, you could wash or wipe your hands between contacting your cooking ingredients and checking the recipe on your iPad. In this regard, this isn't an essential product. But damnit, it's cool and I want it.

[Umbra via Gizmodo]
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