This Way To The American Dream

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The restaurant business is the business to be in for young people looking to get ahead, it would seem. Luckily, it’s an incredibly common first job for teenagers all across the country.

With the economy in the shape it’s been in for the past several years, it’s as important as ever that people, especially young folks, are able to find a job that can stick. A career in the restaurant industry just may be that job.

It’s not just young people who will benefit from a career in the industry, however. People of all ages are getting a lot out of the field that brings so much joy to so many hungry people every single day.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation has conducted a study that highlights job and career opportunities in the restaurant industry and debunks stereotypes.This infographic is the third in a series for the foundation. It shows the many paths to career success that the restaurant industry provides.

Your first job in the restaurant industry is only the beginning. The industry offers mobility, as more than 9 out of 10 restaurant employees 35 or older have advanced to a higher-paying job in the industry. 71% of those between 18 and 24 have also advanced to higher paying positions in the restaurant industry.

Restaurant owners and operators climb the ladder to success as well. 55% of owners and operators worked in the industry as waitstaff, 59% as a chef or cook and 84% as a restaurant manager.

Most staff in the industry also see it as an industry of opportunity. A majority of waitstaff, bartenders, bus persons, chefs/cooks, shift/crew supervisors, managers and operations employees believe the restaurant industry offers opportunity for advancement.

This Way to the American Dream:


Image via National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

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