This Robot Trashcan Will Catch Your Inaccurately-Tossed Empty Beer Can

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Is it necessary? No. Wildly inventive? Yes. Do you wish that you had one? Absolutely.

That Q&A session is indicative of many products we see that are created in the minds of the Japanese. And now, those crazy innovators have just created every college student's dream dorm room item.

It's called the "Smart Trashbox," and its "smartness" comes from the fact that it can anticipate where you are about to toss your empty beer can, or that wadded up piece of paper, or whatever you may be disposing of.

The hack looks to have involved a motorized base connected to a circuit board and a modified PS2 controller control system. The Kinect on the wall gives the trashbox the ability to know where you're throwing your trash. It's a pretty impressive project, as it appears that the guy built it entirely from scratch.

Check it out below:

Ok, I take back everything that I said. It is necessary. Shut up and take my money.

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