This PS3 "Long Live Play" Ad Is All Kinds Of Awesome

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Last month, Sony announced a new campaign called "Long Live Play," which asked avid PS3 gamers to submit photos of themselves holding their PS3 controllers "in the environment you love to game in." Players were also asked to submit 30 words or less detailing why they are the ultimate PS3 gamer.

Today, they have announced the fruit of that campaign. The culmination is "Michael," a two minute advert that, according to Sony, "honors gamers from all walks of life and recognizes [them] for making PlayStation who they are today."

After weeks of anticipation, I can finally reveal the complete ambition behind Long Live Play. I’m delighted to announce that we’ve painstakingly reviewed each submission and selected a dozen or so die-hard gamers to represent the PlayStation Nation in a brand new Long Live Play campaign that will air on national TV starting October 5th. We think this film provides an insider’s look into what it’s like to be immersed in our universe and why it’s so compelling to game on the PS3.

Full Disclosure: I'm not a PS3 guy. But it doesn't matter, because this ad is amazing. Check it out -

I'm sure you recognize many of the characters from your favorite games. The PlayStation blog says that the "experience" is loaded with PlayStation easter eggs so it requires repeat viewing. Michael was the chosen gamer that got the salute, but at the end of the clip you will see that the walls and ceiling are adorned with other pictures that were submitted by PS3 gamers.

The ad is simple: You are the hero. Will it help to sell more PS3s? On YouTube user commented "*throws money at Sony* Don't even give me a PS3 in return, just...take it."

Who knows if others feel this way. One thing's for sure - if nothing else, it is definitely a damned fine two minutes of gaming nostalgia.

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