This Pandora Proposal Is Your Creative Question-Pop Of The Day

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A little bit of personal info: My soon-to-be wife once told me that any attempt to publicize a proposal, you know, jumbotron at a ballgame or big banner behind an airplane, would be met with a devastatingly embarrassing "No." I got the message loud and clear and opted for a more traditional, private approach.

Well, that worked out for me. But apparently a unique proposal involving a popular internet radio service worked for another guy. According to "aspiring web and mobile developer" Kyle Taylor, proposing to your girlfriend over Pandora might be the way to go.

Inspired by some interesting proposals he had seen online recently, he contacted Pandora with his idea. According to his blog, the Pandora team was happy to help with his request:

I started to work with the team at Pandora and they told me this has never been done before, so they would be more than happy to help… that’s when I knew this was going to be it. After working with the creative and technical teams to figure out the best medium, getting passed to their audio advertising team to get a script together and recorded by an awesome voice actress, and once it was finalized it went back to ad trafficking to test out my ad and see if it worked. Of course, it worked out perfectly.

Apparently, he took her on a drive under the guise of listening to a M83 station he had created. After a few songs, this came over the airwaves:

Hey Maggie. Yes, you (Maggie). Hello! You're probably wondering why Kyle is sitting here with you, listening to Pandora, and acting kind of nervous. Or shall we say overwrought? Titillated? Exultant even? Yes, we know you are his personal thesaurus so you can explain to him what all of that means.

But Kyle actually has some choice words for you: In his words, "Maggie, I've never met a person as incredible or beautiful as you...

More mushy stuff, stars, fate, all that jazz. Then the message pauses, presumably to allow Kyle to pop the question himself.

The main point is that she said "Yes."

Man, lot's of buzz going on around the proposal. That's a good thing, right?!
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Pandora recently announced that they had hit the 150 million registered user milestone. Hopefully for the team, the Pandora proposal doesn't become the next big thing. Or, in light of free advertising, maybe they wouldn't mind at all.

[via Business Insider]
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