This iPhone Case is a Condom Stash

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I saw a lot of pictures of Kentucky college students holding up their phones, taking video of the burning couches and overturned cars this weekend. Here's hoping they all had the new "Playa" iPhone case, as most of them don't look responsible enough to raise children.

The "Playa" iPhone case bills itself as the first condom holder for your iPhone. The case has a panel on the back which slides out to reveal a slim compartment, big enough to hold a condom or perhaps a pack of matches. As for myself, I would probably store one of those wet napkins you get at the seafood buffet inside my "Playa". Here is Chris from Australia regaling us with his fantastical story of how this smartphone case saves him from embarrassment and its usefulness in all types of situations:

"Don't hate the 'Playa', hate the game. 'Cause Chris is getting laid every day, thanks to the 'Playa'." A brilliantly silly, yet intriguingly honest marketing slogan.

The "Playa" case comes from the same company that created the "Opena" iPhone case. The "Opena" discretely hides a bottle opener at the bottom of the case.

The 'Opena' iPhone case

The "Playa" case is not yet on sale, but the site provides a form for you to be notified by email when it is. That does beg the question of who wants iPhone cases with bottle openers or hidden condom-slots. Though I want to imagine these products as joke-gifts only, I'm sure there are some "bros" out there that believe these cases were created just for them. And I certainly don't want to know any of them.

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