This iPhone 5 Screen Protector Deflects Bullets

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It was proven last week that the iPhone 5 can't survive a shot from a .50 cal rifle. The phone was completely and utterly destroyed. What about a shot from a Colt 45? With the right equipment, it apparently survives.

iPhone 5 screen protector company ClearPlex wanted to put their new product to the ultimate test. They bought two iPhone 5s and shot both of them with a Colt 45. One of the devices didn't have a screen protector, while the other did. The results are pretty surprising.

As expected, the phone without the screen protector has its screen completely destroyed. It's impressive enough that the bullet apparently doesn't go through the phone, but the damage is still irreparable. Another phone has the ClearPlex screen protector applied, and the bullet is just deflected without any damage being made to the screen.

It sounds unbelievable, but the team created a making of video to prove that their screen protector is the real deal.

I'm still not entirely sold, but it's still pretty impressive regardless. Before you know it, people will start using their iPhones as make-shift bulletproof pocket protectors.