This Guy Really Wants Women To Pleasure Him With Cheese

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Food fetishes are nothing new. Asking your loved one to help fulfill a food fantasy or two isn't even all that weird. Now, asking random people on the street to fulfill your fantasy of masturbating with swiss cheese - that's crossing a line that cannot be moved.

Back in January, Christopher Pagano, 41, was arrested for accosting three women and requesting they "pleasure him with Swiss cheese." At the time, he was charged with three counts of stalking, indecent exposure and open lewdness.

Now, a fourth woman has come forward claiming Pagano approached her as well with the same request according to The Philly Confidential. The police report says that his "harassment included using processed cheese" and he's been charged one more count of stalking, indecent exposure and open lewdness.

After the fourth victim came forward, Pagano turned himself into police. He's still out and about, however, as he's paid 10 percent of his $90,000 bail. He's scheduled to appear in court on April 1 where he's expected to answer for his crimes against decency and perfectly good cheese.

As an aside, it seems that the perverts of the world are getting bolder. First, we have somebody masturbating into a shoe and then a teacher masturbates in a hallway. Now, we have a man driving around town asking for cheesy service. What's next?

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