This Custom Action Figure Ain't Got Time To Bleed


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For any long time fan of the original Predator movie; they'll tell you that while it is remembered mostly for Ah-nold's performance, many would argue Jesse Ventura's turn as the XM214 Automatic Gun wielding Blaine was just as memorable. Which is what makes this custom action figure such a treat to behold.

The figure's creator is Count Chocula, of course he is, on a site called FigureRealm. Where sculpters can share their custom-made works. For those who are curious, it was created using parts from Captain America, Slayer, and Star Wars clone trooper figures.

What's most impressive about the figure is the attention to detail, as you can see a bulge in the figure's cheek from Blaine plugging massive amounts of chewing tobacco in his mouth. You can make the comparison of the real life counter-part and figure below.




...and just for kicks and giggles, here's a best of Blain/Jesse Ventura as provided by YouTube.