This Beer Can Keyboard Is Your Tempting Technology of the Day

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Next time you pen a blubbering, pathetic, baseless Facebook message or email to your ex, you could legitimately say that it was the beer that did it. Blame it on the alcohol - because if you had this Arduino-powered device, you wouldn't be lying.

Misleading, but definitely not lying.

This beer can keyboard is made from 44 cans of Staropramen lager. Staropramen Brewery was founded in 1869 and is the second-largest brewery in the Czech Republic. The keyboard was constructed by Robofun Create, a Romanian company that specializes in making "cool on-demand technology products." The beer can keyboard was constructed for Webstock, the largest blogging and social media event in Romania, which was sponsored by Staropramen.

Now, that all that's out of the way, let's get to the fun part. Apparently, it works just like any other keyboard, allowing users to type by tapping on the tops of the cans. Robofun Create says that the test generated "fantastic user engagement." And we think it's a pretty cool device, albeit a bit impractical.

Also, in case of zombie apocalypse or worldwide beer shortage, this keyboard can be used as an intoxication device.

Josh Wolford
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