This Armband May Control All Your Electronics One Day

IT Management

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Google Glass has kickstarted a craze of wearable computing. Apple might even get in on it soon. Now others are getting into the fray with devices that may interact with other wearable computers like Glass in really unique ways.

One of those other devices cashing in on the wearable computing scene is the MYO. It's an armband that uses the electronic impulses of your muscles to control electronics remotely. In short, it translates body movements into commands.

It's probably better if you see it for yourself. Here's a demo of the product in action:

Now, can MYO do all of the things in that video? It's certainly possible, although I highly doubt that Mass Effect 3 will get MYO support any time soon. The other uses, however, are entirely within the realm of possibility right now. It all comes down to how well the technology can interpret muscle movements as separate actions.

On an aside, the final demo shows a skier using something similar to Google Glass in conjunction with MYO. If they could work together, I can see many people doing some extraordinary things with Google Glass and MYO combined - extreme sports recording being just one of many.

MYO will initially support Windows PCs and Macs, but the developers are working on Android and iOS APIs right now. After that, it may be used to control any piece of equipment that accepts Bluetooth input.

The MYO will only cost $149 when it launches late this year. It's a far cry from the $1,499 price tag on Google Glass. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what developers can do when the human body becomes the method of input.