This 3D Printer Plays And Prints Music

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3D printers can be used for a lot of things, but a music player never seemed like one of them. One inventor at Art Hack Day 2013 in Stockholm proved that assumption wrong with his own unique 3D printer that doubled as a music player.

What's interesting about this particular 3D printer is that it not only plays music, but it prints the music as well. As it's playing the music, the printer is also creating the "sound-form" of the music as its visualized by a computer program. During the event, the printer played and printed six songs, including the Imperial March and Carmen: Habanera.

Here's the printer playing and printing Carmen:

You may be asking yourself, "What's the point?" The point is that it's really awesome.

If you want to try out 3D printed music for yourself, you can grab the source code here.

[h/t: 3ders]