Are Third Party Apps Good Enough to Stream Movies

Are third party apps indeed good enough in order to be able stream movies? Find out more in the article below....
Are Third Party Apps Good Enough to Stream Movies
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Smart TVs and streaming devices come with pre-installed apps that allow you to access a wide range of entertainment content. However, this does not mean that you can stream any content you wish on these apps. Yes, using the preinstalled apps, you can stream only the content offered by them for streaming. However, users always want more options in every category whether it’s entertainment, sports, or family shows. 

    Another problem with official apps is that they offer paid content, for which users need to take a subscription plan. Now, many users wish to stream free content like movies and TV shows, and third party apps make it available for them. This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of third party apps. 

    To access more content, most users install third party apps on their streaming device. These third party apps offer more entertainment through their free and paid services. However, despite many advantages, there are also some disadvantages of using third party apps. Let us explore the pros and cons of using third party apps to conclude whether they are good to go for streaming movies. 

    Pros of Third Party Apps 

    There are multiple benefits of installing and using third party apps on any streaming device. These benefits are more than just getting access to entertainment content. Before we talk about the advantages, though, I should warn you that, unless you modify the settings, Firesticks and similar gadgets do not let you use third-party apps.

    You have two options: jailbreak your device to enable the installation of third-party apps, or modify the settings to do so. There are limitless ways to stream on Jailbroken device. You can install third party apps and steam both free and paid content from different platforms. Now coming to the third party apps, let us find out all the pros of using such apps. 

    Low Cost Entertainment

    Not all third party apps are free, but some charge their users a subscription fee. However, the subscription fee of third party apps is less affordable than the mainstream apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Users looking for affordable entertainment plans can look into third party apps. So, users get more entertainment at affordable prices, which is another reason for the growing popularity of these apps. 

    High Quality Streaming

    Third party apps allow you to access high quality videos for free or for a fraction of the cost that major apps like Netflix and Prime Video charge. Therefore, you get high quality resolution at drop-dead prices. So, if you are looking for high quality streaming at reasonable prices, you can look out for third party apps for your streaming device. However, it is best to check the quality of streaming with free trials before subscribing to a paid plan. 

    Free Entertainment

    Most people install third party apps on their device in order to access free content. The built-in apps on any streaming device require you to pay for a subscription to access the content. 

    However, there are many third party apps that offer you access to entertainment content including movies, music and TV shows for free. Some apps offer both free and paid services. You can access free content and access more content and higher quality like 4K on their paid subscription. 

    For example, there is a Kodi app that lets you stream content from a variety of streaming platforms. It comes with various addons like The Crew, Scrubs V2, Seren and Umbrella which lets you watch on demand content. 

    Users can explore the latest movies, TV shows, sports events and kids’ content available to watch on the Crew Kodi addon. Such apps allow you to watch both free and paid content. However, free entertainment is the primary reason for the popularity of third party apps. 

    Variety of Content

    Most standard apps are dedicated to one category, like movies or TV shows. On the other hand, third party apps offer you a variety of content including movies, TV shows, family shows and web series. For example, some kids apps also offer educational videos in addition to entertainment for kids. So, with third party apps, users get more variety of content in a single app. This helps users to install fewer apps and save storage space on their TV or streaming device. 

    Enhanced Security for your Device

    As we use our devices connected to the internet, we download multiple cookies and some are infected with viruses and malware. There are many third party security apps that scan your device for viruses, malware and harmful cookies. Therefore, you can install a security app to scan your AI devices and remove the viruses, malware or harmful cookies Compatible with multiple devices

    As most third party apps are compatible with multiple devices, you can install and use them on different devices. For example, you can use an app to stream content on your TV, smartphone and computer as well.

    Customization Options

    Third party apps allow you to customize their interface to offer you a seamless streaming experience. You can change the themes, and options to make the app look appealing and easy to use. So, you are not bound to use that boring interface and customize your UI by choosing the theme you like. Most apps offer you multiple UI and theme options to choose the one that appeals to you the most. 

    Support for multiple languages

    Many third party streaming apps allow you to use the app in multiple languages. This is especially useful for users who don’t know the English language. They can use the app in their local language to understand it better and use it effectively. Using an app in your native language allows you to use it more easily and freely. It makes you understand the options and settings easily and makes it convenient to use.

    Cons of Third Party Apps 

    Despite the above-mentioned benefits, third party apps also have several disadvantages. Let us explore all those cons of using third party apps on streaming devices.

    Low Quality Videos

    Not all, but some third party apps may offer low quality resolution of videos. In some apps you may find videos buffering endlessly. So, low quality is a major issue in using third party apps. So, while choosing any third party app, it is essential to test the resolution and streaming quality. If they offer the resolution that meets your expectation, you can install it on your device and stream movies or TV shows. 

    Risk of shutting down

    Some apps stream exclusive content like live sports events, that is illegal. Yes, users can enjoy the broadcast of live events, but as third party apps don’t own the rights to telecast those events, the apps having the exclusive rights of the event can file a lawsuit against such apps. So, it is beneficial to check whether the apps you use have the rights to telecast the content you wish to watch. If not, you should go for some other option. 

    Viruses and Malware

    There is a probability of viruses and malware downloading with third party apps. Usually, when you download apps from unofficial sources, there are chances of viruses and malware that can damage your device memory and software. Therefore, it is always better to download third party apps from their official websites or app stores. 

    Unavailability of Updates

    All official apps come up with regular updates to fix the bugs and tech issues. But with third-party apps, updates may or may not be available. These apps don’t get updated automatically. Also, they might not work after an update on your streaming device, leaving you frustrated and longing for simpler times.

    Storage Struggles

    Third-party programs take up memory on streaming devices, which typically have limited storage space. Your device may get slower and you may run out of space for the apps you really use if you install too many. To preserve storage on your device, it is usually preferable to install fewer apps than you really need. 

    Summing Up

    Using third-party apps on your TV or streaming device may offer you many benefits, but it doesn’t mean you can ignore the risks associated with their use. While they might offer access to a world of content, these risks, from security concerns to legal troubles. It is always better to do your research about the legitimacy of the apps before installing and using them on your device. 

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