Think the New Twitter Profile Looks Like Facebook? You're Not Alone

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Today, Twitter unveiled a brand new design for user profile pages that includes an all new header photo that takes up a large portion of the web view and an even larger portion of the iPad, iPhone, and Android view. Once uploaded, users' header photos stay consistent across all devices and the users' profile information and a small profile pic resides within it.

Twitter says that it's a great way for users to express themselves. Although nobody seems to be arguing that fact, many Twitter users have pointed out that they may have seen a setup that closely resembles the new twitter profile pages on another social media site...

Of course, it's hard to deny that Twitter's header photo with the profile pic inside resembles the Facebook Timeline, with its cover photo and smaller profile picture. Here's what Twitter users are saying about it:

The new header photo only takes up half of the top of a user's profile page on the web, but when you move to mobile it spans the entirety of the screen - much like Facebook's cover photo. Here's a look a the Today Show's new Twitter profile and their Facebook page:

Similar, yes. The same? Not quite. What do you think?

Josh Wolford
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