Things Smaller Than Mark Zuckerberg

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The newest billionaire on the block owes a great deal to you, the Facebook member. If not for the hundreds of millions of people joining the Book of Face, there would be no multibillion dollar IPO. So the next time someone talks about Zuckerberg's billions, take heart in knowing you had something to do with his success, provided you're a member of Facebook.

Taking into account the successful IPO, and all of the financial rewards it brought to the service's founder, an infographic concerning things smaller than Mark Zuckerberg and his billions of dollars is awfully revealing. The image was created by MBAOnline, via UltraLinx, and while it uses the $19 billion mark as its high point--currently, Zuckerberg's worth has decreased by by a little over $3 billion to its current $15.9 billion mark--its findings are still relevant.

Just substitute $16 billion for $19 billion. Nitpicking, I know:

Zuckerberg Infographic

What stands out to you? For me, it's the fact that, even with the corrected $16 billion being used, Zuckerberg's worth is almost more than all of the players' salaries from the NFL, the NBA, MLB, (totaling almost $8 billion by MBAOnline's numbers) and the revenue generated by the porn industry ($10 billion) combined. If you use the $19 billion mark, Zuckerberg's worth exceeds these industries.

Let's stop and think about this for a second. Mark Zuckerberg's worth, in light of the Facebook IPO, is more than the entire porn industry generates. Granted, I'm a little dubious on MBAOnline's $10 billion mark for porn, and after a little legwork, there's reason for my position.

According to an extensive report from, the porn industry made a little bit more than $10 billion.

Porn Industry Revenue

It should be noted the statistics in the report are five-to-six years old, so there could have been a decrease in the amount of revenue generated, but a 2011 porn industry infographic appearing on still has the adult industry generating $13 billion worth of revenue. Of course, what's $3 billion among friends? The point of MBAOnline's infographic is not to pick nits about which industry made what. It's to demonstrate just how big Zuckerberg has grown, thanks to a huge IPO.

The final segment of the infographic about Zuckerberg being worth more at 28 years old than Bill Gates was at the same age is a fine attempt at humor, but I'm sure Gates sleeps just fine on a bed made from his $61 billion net worth.

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