'Thief' Stealth, Combat Previewed in New Trailer

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The release of Square Enix's Thief reboot is less than a month away. As a re-imagining of one of the most lauded PC game franchises in history, a lot is riding on the game attracting new fans while pleasing old ones with the franchise's unique stealth gameplay.

Today Square Enix released yet another preview for Thief. This one highlights all of the game's various systems in one six-minute trailer.

Everything from the game's story to its stealth mechanics is previewed. The multiple arrow types are demonstrated, including water arrows and lethal blast (bomb) arrows. Shown again are the systems in place for gamers more used to modern console games, including combat, bullet-time, and the now-ubiquitous Square Enix hint vision that reveals clues through walls. Of course, veteran thief players can disable all of this and play the game as the classic stealth title its name implies.

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