Thief Gets Another Trailer That's Devoid Of Gameplay

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E3 season unofficially started yesterday with Konami hosting its annual pre-E3 show. Now developers and publishers are releasing their E3 trailers to gain some much needed hype before the event itself eclipses everything else.

One of the first up is Eidos Montreal with Thief. The developer is rebooting the classic stealth franchise for next-gen consoles similar to how it rebooted Deus Ex for current gen consoles. Unfortunately, the new trailer still shows no gameplay.

Some fans are concerned that the latest title won't live up to the original Thief series, but they must remember that many thought the same thing about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. By and large, that title proved that Eidos Montreal knows what it's doing. Thief will hopefully be no different.

Thief will be released next year on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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