Thief 4 Rumored to be a Next-Gen Release Title


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Gamers salivating for another morsel of Thief 4 news will be happy to hear this latest rumor. OXM UK reports in the gossip section of its new issue that the game will be released in 2013 on next-generation consoles, including those expected to be released by Microsoft and Sony. Computer and Videogames backs up the rumor, citing its own unnamed sources.

Thief 4 has been in development for years now, and fans of the series have been waiting for another Thief sequel for longer than we've all been waiting for Half-Life 3. The game is being developed by Eidos Montreal, the developer of last year's Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

When Thief 4 was officially announced back in May, the developers would not say whether the title would be for current or next-gen consoles. In fact, few details have been released about the game other than the fact that story will play a larger role than in past Thief games. A video demonstration for the game that leaked this June, showing what appears to be a cutscene from the game. The leak was part of a demo reel for an Eidos Montreal artist seeking work.

While it is good to finally get a hint as to when Thief 4 will be coming, console gamers might not appreciate the need to pony up for a new console in order to play it. The current game development climate has also been affected by the rapidly approaching end of the current console cycle. Game announcements are rather vague as to whether upcoming titles will be released for as-yet unannounced next-gen consoles.