These Developers Are Certainly Excited For The PS4


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Sony revealed the PS4 last night at a two hour conference that focused much more on talking than showing. There were plenty of games shown, but the conference really was all about what the console means to developers and gamers. The former actually had quite a bit to say.

In a tradition dating back to who knows when, Sony had the usual video reel of developers talking up the PS4 hardware. Such luminaries as Tim Schafer from Double Fine and David Cage from Quantic Dream talk about how Sony took feedback from developers in building the PlayStation 4. As expected, there's quite a bit of hyperbole, but these guys do seem genuinely excited by Sony's next console.

Expect more developers to talk about the PS4 in the coming months as more information trickles out. E3 will probably feature the bulk of the commentary as Sony now has free reign to focus on games instead of hardware at the annual trade show.