These Are The Top 10 Trending 3D Printers Of December

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3D printers are starting to pop up all over the place, but not everybody has access to their own just yet. 3D Hubs seeks to rectify that by creating a place where 3D printer owners can list their own printers, and invite those who do not own one to use theirs. It's quite elegant really, and it gives us a pretty good look at which 3D printers are popular as an added bonus.

For the past few months, 3D Hubs has used its 2,000 plus list of registered 3D printers to give us the top 10 trending 3D printers of the month. While it's not representative of every 3D printer on the planet, it does give us a pretty good idea of which 3D printers are being used by individuals and maker spaces around the world. It should be noted that a model is only included on the list once 20 are registered on 3D Hubs' Web site.

Here's the full list:

These Are The Top 10 Trending 3D Printers Of December

It's interesting to note that Makerbot is absolutely killing it among 3D Hubs users. The Replicator 2 and 2X have both seen explosive growth, and 3D Hubs predicts that that the Replicator 2 will usurp the Ultimaker 2 within the next few months.

What's even more exciting is that Kickstarter darling - the Form 1 - shows up in third place in its first month on the chart. As more Kickstarter backers receive their printers and register them on 3D Hubs, we should see its position grow as well.

What's nice about this list is that open-source 3D printers make a strong showing. The Ultimaker 2 - a completely open-source 3D printer - is in the number one spot. The RepRap - one of the original open-source 3D printers - makes a strong showing as well. It will get even better as more open source printers join the list.

[Image: Ultimaker] [h/t: 3ders]

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