These Amazon Engineers Want You To Know How Great The Kindle Paperwhite Is

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Amazon announced a lot of new Kindles at their press event a few weeks ago. Since then, all of the attention has been deservedly focused on the Kindle Fire HD. The other big hardware reveal - the Kindle Paperwhite - is now starting to pick up steam as we heard towards its October 1 launch.

Amazon revealed a video with Amazon engineers waxing poetic about all the new technologies that are contained within the Paperwhite. We already know about the frontlit display, increased resolution, and prolonged battery life, but we have yet to hear how it all works together. That's what the below video is for:

The Kindle Paperwhite has already proven to be extremely popular among consumers. Amazon has completely sold out of their initial shipments that will be heading to consumers on October 1. Those who pre-order now won't be getting one until October 22.

The Paperwhite is available in two flavors - Wi-Fi and 3G. The Wi-Fi version retails for $119 and the 3G version retails for $179.