These Amazing iPhone Cases Were Made With A 3D Printer


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The iPhone 5 is now on the market, and people may be looking to get a case to protect their investment. The only problem is that phone cases in general are way too expensive for just a hunk of plastic. You could always just make your own for a fraction of the price with a 3D printer.

Generally, a 3D printed phone case would be kind of boring. The devices can usually only print in one color, and the design would be a little plain. That would be true if you were printing a case with a standard 3D printer, but the folks at Objet have down what their impressive 3D printer can do.

I may not an iPhone case aficionado, but that's one hell of a case. The moving gears are an especially nice touch. For those wondering, the case was made with the Object Connex multi-material 3D printer. Before you ask, this printer is probably too expensive for you. It was made with industry professionals in mind and the price reflects that.

There's no reason to worry though. A case similar to the one made with the Object printer could be made with Formlabs' Form 1 3D printer. It's already a big hit on Kickstarter, and you can get one of your very own for the very attractive price of $2,699.