There's a Good Chance Your Tinder Match Isn't Single

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Not that anyone on Tinder would care, but a new report says that there's a pretty good chance the person you just matched is already accounted for.

The study, published by Global Web Index, says the 30% of Tinder users are married and another 12% are "in a relationship". So it's pretty much a coin flip on whether you swipe right on someone who's truly available or someone's who's being a little devious.

Of course, we must account for people with open marriages and those who might still identify as "married", even though they're separated. But any way you slice it, that's a shockingly large chunk of the Tinder pool.

The study is from a couple of weeks ago, but was unearthed by The Guardian. According to the publication, the survey looked at over 47,000 people – which is a decent sample size.

The GWI study also found that 62% of Tinder users are male, which isn't all the surprising. So, is Tinder full of married men?

Tinder, for its part, says the study is bollocks. From Circa:

Tinder quickly criticized the survey, saying the numbers "do not reflect Tinder's userbase." The company further claimed that the service is responsible for "hundreds of success stories" every week, with people meeting new partners. The company also claimed the service isn't exclusively about dating, but also about networking and meeting new people.

It appears that the Tinder spin machine is in full rotation. Not surprising, however, as Tinder has been looking to shed its reputation as a "hookup app" – trying to convince people and marketers that it's more than that.

I assume that these married Tinder users probably aren't signing up for Tinder Plus. That's an awkward credit charge to explain.

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