The Xbox 360 'Achievement Unlocked' Sound, Visualized

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You spend countless hours seeking it. You do crazy things to obtain it. You play games over and over again for a chance at it.

It, of course, is the elusive (depending on the game) Xbox 360 achievement. Think about that glorious sound. How it reverberates in your ears - the satisfaction of winning points where everything is made up and the points don't matter.

Well, this is how that achievement unlock sound looks like.

Yes, looks. As Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson explains, he contracted Born of Sound to make him a "sound-form" based on this special sound. A sound-form is basically a visual representation of sound, specifically how it moves through the atmosphere.

Now, this is what I'll see in about 5 more hours when I finally beat Bioshock Infinite in 1999 mode.

[Major Nelson]
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