The X Factor Canceled-What Will Simon Cowell Do Next?


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In not-so shocking news, Fox has decided to cancel The X Factor. Simon Cowell, one of the series’ judges and the show’s creator, announced his plans to return to the original U.K. version. Soon after, Fox announced its cancelation.

The third season of X Factor scored the network low ratings, especially compared to its competition: The Voice. Due to the ratings-and negative buzz-many people worried about the future of the show, but Cowell seemed optimistic about X Factor’s renewal. The series gained some momentum towards the end of the season because of standout performers and winners Alex and Sierra, but that wasn’t enough to save The X-Factor.

Cowell's last appearance on the U.K. version of X Factor was in 2010, the same year boy band One Direction formed. In October of last year, Gary Barlow-who originally replaced Cowell-revealed that he would leave the show after The X Factor’s 2013, 10th season. Rumors began to surface of Cowell’s return after Barlow’s departure news.

In Cowell’s official exit statement, he said, "I've had a fantastic time over the last 12 years, both on The X Factor and American Idol. And apart from being lucky enough to find some amazing talent on the shows, I have always had an incredible welcome from the American public (most of the time!). Last year, for a number of reasons, I had to make a decision to return to the U.K. version of The X Factor in 2014. So for now, I'm back to the U.K. and I want to thank Fox for being an incredible partner and I also want to thank everybody who has supported my shows. America, I'll see you soon!"

America won’t completely miss his presence, he’s still a producer on America’s Got Talent, but this may be the end of Cowell’s judging duties on American television for a while.

Cowell said his official goodbye to the States on Twitter.




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