The World's Best Internet Marketing Software 2012 [Infographic]

IT Management

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Ever feel like the vast sea of internet companies is too large to keep track of and sift through to determine who is the the bet at what they do? Now days, if you want to be relevant, you have to advertise and market on the web. If this describes you and your organization or company, than you will be happy to know you're not alone.

This next infographic from Wordstrem.Com provides some valuable insight on who the industry leaders are. In the graphic they address 10 key business areas including content marketing and blogging, crowdsourcing, conversion rate optimization, marketing automation, email marketing, pay-per-click, social media, SEO, web analytic, and web hosting.

it's an invaluable asset that can help you navigate the sea of internet marketing with some skill and knowledge about who to trust and what's out there. Its not necessarily an answer, but it's a valuable tool. Take a look, you might recognize some of the names.