The White House Fights To Protect Consumers

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The White House has been working diligently to draft a new privacy protection bill to safeguard user's information and preserve the internet as a facilitator of innovation and economic growth. This comes at a time when Google has drawn a lot of attention to how user's data is being collected and utilized to provide what they are calling an 'enhanced experience'. The new bill will also focus on making sure 'do not track' technologies are available on all major web browsers to help further the efforts of protection.

The White House previously asked the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), a long-time advocate of consumer control and protection, to open themselves to the idea of contributing to the bill. Today, they have announced their support of the bill.

Executive director and president of the Online Trust Alliance, Craig Spiezle commented on their commitment to the bill:

"Trust and confidence are the foundation of the digital economy and OTA applauds the White House's commitment to online privacy and the calls for greater transparency, security, control and accountability,"

"The multi stakeholder process is to be commended, highlighting the importance of consumer protection while promoting innovation and the vitality of commerce. We see this as a major step forward in promoting consumer controls online."

Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and AOL have all agreed to comply with this new bill from the White House and have pledged their support in implementing the control measures. Many believe this is an important step for the government. If we don't take measures now to protect the rights of people online, it could stifle innovation and stall growth in the future. Few would argue that the internet and web-based technology are what fuels our economy. Expansion and refinement should be our main goals in the United States. A revised online privacy bill is not the only news coming out of the White House to suggest that they are keen to the idea.

Just yesterday, Joe Biden introduced a report highlighting the importance of expanding our wireless and broadband networks in order to fuel innovation and stimulate our economy. Maybe I have have been living in a cave, but the government seems to have a renewed interest in economic growth and development. And to think, I had almost given up on them.

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