The Walking Dead Season 4 Has New Cast

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Season 4 of the AMC television series, 'The Walking Dead' premieres on Oct. 13. Given the carnage of Season 3, many of the  show's most familiar cast members will not return. Laurie Holden (Andrea), Iron E Singleton (T-Dog), Michael Rooker (Merle) and Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori), are gone.

Season 4 of 'The Walking Dead' may be the best yet. See why.

Norman Reedus, will continue to play Daryl Dixon in the post-apocalyptic zombie series. He was, however,  not happy to see some of his cast-mates leave the show. "I hate it when one of the OGs goes," he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “It really bums me out. It’s taken three seasons for people to get wrapped up in certain characters. I think once you invest in those characters to have those characters go is just like ‘Ah, man.’ I think people are sort of left hanging on a string.”

Reedus, admits that adjusting to new cast members has also been a bit of a struggle. He feels that after 3 years with the "OGs", he finally got to a place where he understood his cast-mates and feels as though he's been left high and dry by their departure. He refers to the writing techniques used for season 4 as "interesting". In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Reedus said,  “It’s weird to delegate authority to newbies in the group and on set,” says Reedus. “It’s odd, to be honest. Starting the season, there’s certain techniques that the writers are using to integrate the storylines of other people and it’s interesting.”

Despite being bummed about not having his old crew, he believes the unfamiliarity the new cast has with each other should play well for the show. The "fear", as he puts it, reminds him of  season 1, "the fear is back...which is awesome to see people afraid again" he said.  “I think the internal fear has always been something hanging in the wind, and who’s gonna f— over who and who can you trust?”

Last season The Walking Dead premiered with a massive 12 million views. The premiere of season 4 is expected to have an even bigger viewership. Like Norman Reedus said, it should be "interesting".

Check out this scene between Norman Reedus and Naomi Watts.

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