The Walking Dead Meets The Monster Mash For Halloween

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User-generated mash-ups and remixes are good for the soul, and when they do a great job of capitalizing on the seasonal holiday of the moment, all the better. Furthermore, when you pick a popular subject matter, one that is also related to the holiday being celebrated, you've got the ingredients for some viral perfect storm goodness. That is just what we get from the folks at Official Comedy, who've taken a current entertainment social media monster and combined it with a classic Halloween song.

The result is a fabulous mash-up of The Walking Dead and the Monster Mash, and it's about as good as you would hope for. The song, which is at the top, is reconstructed using individual word soundbites from the show's wide-ranging cast. Again, the end result is a perfect treat for your Halloween candy bag, and it comes with an added bonus: overindulgence won't cause cavities:

As you might expect, the comments section is filled with such praise as, "OMFG," "This is amazing," and "I love the internet;" all of which are accurate representations of this particular remix. Furthermore, it's nice to see AMC not freak out and issue a quick takedown request. It's still okay to pay homage with your fair use as well. It seems as if AMC understands such creations only help the popularity of their product, which is fantastic form of free advertisement.

Digression into the copyright morass aside, The Walking Dead/Monster Mash mash-up is a fantastic way to celebrate the Halloween season.

[Lead image via AMC]