'The Walking Dead' Coming to Playstation Network


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Telltale Games is set to launch a video game series version of the Robert Kirkman comic book series, "The Walking Dead".

The first episode "The Walking Dead, A New Day" will be availalbe for download on the Playstation Network tomorrow, April 24th. The cost is $4.99 or you can purchase all five episodes in advance for $19.99. The pre-order option comes with a PS3 theme.

Walking Dead Theme

Zombie Crawl

The game starts as a prequel to The Walking Dead comic series, following a new character, Lee Everett (The guy with the axe, above) , who exists in the same world, but while Rick Grimes is still in a coma. It will adhere to the world of the comic rather than the TV show, and exists as part of the official canon of the comic books.

Fans of the comics will get a deeper insight to the characters and locations of the comic and a deeper understanding of the lives of the characters before the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Door

Zombie Stab

The game will be a story driven action/adventure type game that will force the player to get up-close and personal with the zombies they are going to kill. Melee combat will be used quite a bit, with some of the targets being people the character has known before they turned zombie.

It will also include some RPG elements, in that decisions you make through actions or talking to people may have an effect on the outcome of the game. At one point you will be in a life or death situation and will have to chose who will live and who will be consumed by the zombie hoard. The games save and rewind feature will allow you to play through all outcomes, giving the game some replay value.

The series will be released about one per month throughout the summer, with the final episode coming at the end of August.

Zombie Walk