The True Terror Of Caffeine Is That We Run Out Of The Stuff

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Caffeine is the most widely consumed drug on the planet. It's in everything from coffee and tea to chocolate and energy bars. What happens then when caffeine runs out? Do we just stop ingesting the stuff, or do we go out into space to mine it? In a new game slated for released in 2015, the latter scenario is what humanity opts for.

Dylan Browne took to Indiegogo this week to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Caffeine - a psychological horror title set on board an abandoned space ship. While this scenario has been seen numerous times in games (i.e. Dead Space, Routine), Caffeine is unique in that the player character is a small boy. That makes the player even more defenseless as they explore the spacecraft trying to figure out what happened.

Here's the official synopsis:

The Year is 2097, the Earth is over-populated and is lacking resources.

The most consumed drug is caffeine and companies have countless outposts among the stars mining the resources required to quench the endless thirst of Earth's population.

Caffeine will primarily be a Sci-Fi Horror game, but at the same time employ a strong focus on both adventure and narrative and will include some smart puzzle game play.

There will be no weapons in Caffeine but you will be able to use the environment around you.

Scattered around the environment there will be a mass of notes, audio logs and clues to what the employees at the station were up to and what was going on in their lives, hopefully creating a great deal of lore for the world of Caffeine.

It at least sounds unique, right? If you think so, you'll definitely want to check out the first trailer for the game:

Browne is asking for $80,000 on Indiegogo so he can work on Caffeine full-time. If he doesn't reach the goal, he will still continue developing the game in his free time. He notes that this will likely make the final product suffer. If you don't care whether the game is completed sooner or later, you might want to support the project to get a t-shirt, mug or even a speaking role in the game.

Image via Dylan Browne/YouTube

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