The Top Search Trends During The Super Bowl

Google revealed on Monday what the top trending searches were during the Super Bowl (US). The top five were: 1. M&M’s 2. Beyonce 3. Baltimore Ravens 4. San Francisco 49ers 5. Colin Kaepernick V...
The Top Search Trends During The Super Bowl
Written by Chris Crum
  • Google revealed on Monday what the top trending searches were during the Super Bowl (US). The top five were:

    1. M&M’s
    2. Beyonce
    3. Baltimore Ravens
    4. San Francisco 49ers
    5. Colin Kaepernick

    Very interesting that “power outage” didnt’t make the list, though Google does mention it as another noteworthy trend. I guess it only had half a game to work with. Ultimately, it ended up ranking eighth out fo the most-searched terms during game time.

    Beyonce searches spiked during the halftime show, of course. Searches for Chrysler spiked after the brand’s fourth quarter commercial, Google says.

    Google software engineer Jeffrey Oldham says, “As they did in the game, the Ravens narrowly beat out the 49ers as the most-searched team during the game on Google. The most-searched players of the game were Colin Kaepernick, Joe Flacco, Michael Oher, David Akers and Jacoby Jones—thanks to his 108-yard kickoff return.”

    “The Harbaugh brothers’ on-field battle has been one of the big stories of the game, so it’s no surprise that viewers took to the web to find more information on these coaches,” he adds. “While John Harbaugh took home the trophy, Jim was the most-searched brother on Google.”

    Searches for Super Bowl ads on Google were 55 times higher on Sunday than they were for the same time the previous Sunday. The most searched-for ads were from: M&M’s, Mercedes-Benz, Disney’s “Oz Great and Powerful,” Lincoln, and Audi. Searches for “Gangnam Style” also trended on YouTube, as did searches for Beyonce and Alicia Keys, who sang the National Anthem.

    Yahoo also shared some insight into what people were searching for during the Super Bowl on its search engine. Searches spiked for “why did the lights go out,” “superdome power outage,” and “what caused power outage”.

    Here’s the top ad-related searches from Yahoo:

    1. [dodge super bowl commercial] (God Made A Farmer) – up 1722% during the game on Yahoo!
    2. [taco bell commercial]
    3. [go daddy commercial]
    4. [doritos goat commercial]
    5. [Budweiser commercial]
    6. [banned skittles commercial]
    7. [tide super bowl commercial]
    8. [calvin klein commercial]
    9. [jeep commercial]
    10. [oreo super bowl commercial
    11. [kia super bowl commercial]
    12. [mercedes commercial] The new car buzzed 3570% on Yahoo!
    13. [soda stream commercial] – the soda stream spiked 5244% on Yahoo!

    According to Yahoo, Bar Refaeli was the most buzzed about celebrity featured in a commercial followed by Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco, Stevie Wonder, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. Rogen spiked by 1,045% on Yahoo, while Rudd searches spiked by 668% and Kate Upton searches spiked by 152%.

    Fast & The Furious 6 got the most buzz for movie trailers, spiking 827% on Yahoo, followed by World War Z at 78%.

    Searches for “beyonce super bowl 2013” spiked 7,236% on Sunday, searches for Jennifer Hudson spiked 10,802%, and searches for Destiny’s Child spiked 4,000%.

    Other noteworthy Super Bowl Sunday search trends from Yahoo:

    Super Bowl Related “How To” | “Who Is” Questions on Yahoo!

    [how to ripen avocados]
    [how to make wings]
    [how to make jello shots]
    [who is the direct tv genie]
    [who is favored to win the super bowl]
    [who is playing in the super bowl]
    [who is singing the national anthem at the super bowl]
    [who is in the super bowl]
    [who is beyonce married to]
    [who is beyonce’s husband]
    [who is older jim or john harbaugh]
    [who is paul harvey]
    [who is ray lewis]

    Top Searched Recipes On Super Bowl Sunday From Yahoo!:

    [7 layer dip]
    [easy super bowl recipes]
    [guacamole dip]
    [spinach dip]
    [meatball recipes]
    [spinach artichoke dip]
    [taco dip recipe]
    [crab dip recipe]
    [jalapeño dip recipe]
    [easy super bowl appetizers]
    [crockpot chili recipes]
    [white chicken chili]
    [baked chicken wings]
    [kale chip recipes]
    [hamburger recipes]
    [queso dip]
    [coleslaw recipe]

    Top Super Bowl Searches on Super Bowl Sunday on Yahoo!:

    [super bowl blackout]
    [super bowl lights out]
    [super dome]
    [beyonce super bowl]
    [super bowl winners]
    [superbowl food ideas]
    [super bowl snack ideas]
    [super bowl bets]
    [superbowl kick off time]
    [super bowl halftime show]
    [what time is super bowl]
    [vegas super bowl odds]
    [super bowl history]
    [super bowl squares]
    [puppy bowl]
    [puppybowl lineup]

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