The Success of Pinterest [Video Infographic]

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Those of you who are familiar with Pinterest will not be surprised to hear how popular the social media site has become. The ability to share information on virtual bulletin boards has proven to have great utility in the business and marketing worlds, as well as education, and just plain old social sharing.

Did you know that Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than YouTube, Linkedin, and Google plus combined? That's very powerful stuff. No wonder marketeers and advertisers like the site so much.

This next video infographic on Pinterest and pinning comes to us from MDG Advertising.Com and it features a video breakdown of their popular "Pin It to Win It" Infographic. They provide some interesting statistics on who's using it, how they use it, and what kind of response consumers have to using it.

If you're not using Pinterest, it provides some great information on how to get started. If you are already pinning, it can help you understand the power it has, and how to get more mileage out of what you are already doing. It's growing fast and it's worth learning more about. Stop procrastinating, check this thing out:

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