The State Of The Internet [InfoGraphic]

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Every quarter, Akamai takes a look at global internet connection speeds, attack traffic, network connectivity and more. They take the data from the latest State of the Internet reportand visualized it in infographic form.

The info obtained from this quarters report is fairly interesting actually. The United States lead the way with the most new IP addresses, even though China had the highest overall percentage change. The unique addresses gained in the top 10 countries actually represents 67% of the overall IP addresses gained!

The other big thing they test is global average connection speed. They checked the top 100 and found that the Asia Pacific region held the highest number of spots. The United States and Canada came in second with 24 of them. Over all the internet connection speed is up 19% over this time last year.

They also had the information for the highest average connection speed. They produced the results for the top 10 highest average speeds with the percentage change. South Korea leads the way with their Zerg rush of a 17.5 Mbps which is a 28% increase over last year. The United States has the 10th highest on this list at 5.8 Mbps with an average growth.

The United States definitely has the technology to make their internet the fastest in the world, the problem has always been infrastructure. All of these other countries on the speed list are smaller than Texas. So you can imagine how much money we'd have to spend to get ourselves up to their level.