The Solar System As Infographic (It's Huge)

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How big is our solar system? The short answer is it's really, really big. The more technical answer is that it's at least 50,000 Astronomical Units, or 7.4799 × 10^12 kilometers, or not quite a light-year to the Oort cloud on the fringes of the solar system.

The more fun answer is our solar system is bigger than five standard infographics, end-to-end. I'll show you that [via, BBC] in a second, but first, here's a video of the "Legonaut" portrayed in this graph (which was launched by Canadian teenagers Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad this January).

The BBC reports that if you were to print this graphic, you'd need 27 pages of A4 paper (which is about 3/4" longer than standard North American paper).


Are you still reading? Pretty cool, huh?

[Source: BBC, H/T: BuzzFeed, Image Source: ThinkStock]

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