The Social Network, Told Via Facebook Timeline [Infographic]

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I know that there are a lot of infographics out there, covering almost every conceivable topic under the sun - and you might be tired of being inundated with them. Some of them are better looking than others, some are more informative than others, and some are just more interesting that others. But I wanted to share this one with you because it's pretty killer.

Courtesy of web design and marketing company WebpageFX, this graphic shows the history of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's life, as told via his newest creation - the Facebook Timeline.

Well, it's not exactly Mark Zuckerberg's life - just kind of Mark Zuckerberg's life. The (partly) fictionalized account of the founding of Facebook in the Academy Award-nominated film The Social Network, actually.

If you haven't seen the 2010 film, I suggest you get on it. I just re-watched it the other night and it's just as good as I remember it. Aaron Sorkin's screenplay is razor sharp and David Fincher's direction gives the tale, told mostly through flashbacks and legal proceedings, an unmistakable darkness characteristic of some of his best films. Trent Reznor's Oscar-winning score also felt more vital to the feel of the film this time around. Plus, if you're familiar with the progression of the film, this cool graphic will be a lot more enjoyable.

Movie Zuck's Timeline starts out with the awkward breakup that begins the film and carries on to the creation of Facemash and the friending of the Winklevii. It then uses photo uploads, status updates, open graph interactions, and places check-ins to tell the whole story. I'm not sure that the real Mark Zuckerberg (or Jesse Eisenberg's Mark Zuckerberg for that matter) would have been so open with all of this information, but for the sake of this graphic, it's all pretty funny. Check it out below:

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