The Skyrim Rap Introduces Bragging Dovahkiin Man

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You know you've reached an impressive pinnacle of popularity when folks are going all out to produce a rap video for the intellectual property in question. By "going all out," I mean complete with costumes, full-on makeup, and a setting that looks it's from a medieval era. The videos in question were made by a who's who of gamer geeks who enjoy successful existences as minor YouTube celebrities.

Of course, the reason you're hear is to enjoy songs where the performers rap about Skyrim, and with that in mind, here are the two versions of the Skyrim "Gangster Rap" song, starting with the clean version:

Now for the uncensored version:

As you can see, the song(s) take familiar things in Skyrim--Fus Do Dah, giants and their toes, fighting Storm Cloak Imperials--you know, everyday Skyrim stuff. While the first two verses are fine enough, the song hits its stride when Aela the Huntress comes in and brings everything home with a flow that's more impressive then someone like me would expect. For those who are wondering, Aela was played by a YouTuber who goes by the "Dodger" handle. For those interested in creeping on her see her in more videos, you can do so at her YouTube page.

For those who are really feeling the song, you can actually buy it at iTunes (this link goes to the explicit version) as well.

If you're wondering how the song/video was received by the audience, the following numbers should clarify things. Between the two versions, there have been over 100,000 views in about a week. Combined, the likes outnumber the dislikes 3854 to 434. Clearly, people are still in a Skyrim kind of mood. And just because you know you want them, here are the lyrics for the clean version. The explicit lyrics can be found here.

Skyrim Lyrics by Rawn

Everywhere I go they like

WAIT I know you

Im the DragonBorn Bitch

Just tell me where to go to

I GOT Skooma in my cup

VIP at the winking Skeever

Hacking Dragons up

Like a butcher with a Cleaver

Dawnstar to Falkreath

Markarth to Riften

The Wars Amidst and

these Nords won't Listen

Dragons coming back to burn us to a Crisp


I be Rippin through these women

Like a Dwarven Piston.

StormCloak Imperial

Silverhand Orc

my armor so heavy

Your swords Like a Spork

I rock them scales

Claws sharp like nails

got you looking looking snowman

with my frosty spells


I'm the dovahkiin man

dova dovakiin

you can't be like me with that arrow in the knee Jarl of the town in yo Fine Clothes

I be stealin that crown

In my archmage robes

Sharpen that axe

better Read them tomes

You looking like Parthanaax

Shit so old

I pick a pocket Quick you know

I Grip that GOLD

I take apart your crypt

yeah I flip them bones

I cause mass hysteria I

Spit Scrolls

Summoning up a Daedra with the sanguine rose

you know i take down giants just to steal their toes

why you cryin' Let me guess Someone stole your Sweet Roll


I'm the dovahkiin man

dova dovakiin

you can't be like me with the arrow in the knee


Im Aela the Huntress

Ill be your companion

Wolf in Sheeps clothes so

Better keep your pants on

I go at it hands on

Wanna be my shield brother

better be Handsome

Sneakin like a phantom in my


You don't need to put a ring on it

Amulet of Mara

Spittin bars like a bard

Steel Hard Sky Forge

Got the blood of the beast

and the heart of A NORD

Got the Art of the Sword

Got Block like a ward

Fought em off in the war

Emperor hit the Floor

Got the mask and the staff of the priest that was blockin the way to the crypt where the draugers were walking your listening when the night mother is talking you spending them souls on them shouts you unlocking

you carrying to much to run

Thats why you Walkin.


I'm the dovahkiin man

dova dovakiin

you can't be like me with that arrow in the knee

Aela for the win. Everything else pales in comparison.

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