The Simpsons Spoofs Homeland In Season Premiere


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The Simpsons is known for spoofing famous films and television shows, and all sorts of other things involved with popular culture. In the show's most recent episode, the popular animated sitcom decided to do a spoof of Homeland, the hit Showtime series. Homeland also debuted last night with its third season, marking Sunday, September 29 a big day in television and for Homeland.

Having an appearance on The Simpsons couldn't hurt their ratings, and is looking to have another successful season, coming off of Emmy nominations for both Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. Homeland follows Carrie Matheson (Danes), on her search to uncover the truth behind Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Lewis), whom she fears has turned after returning from his tour of duty in Iraq. Brody is viewed as a hero, but has difficult relating to his family and readjusting to civilian life after returning, not to mention being tailed by a CIA operations officer who believe he has turned.

The premiere episode of The Simpsons was titled "Homerland," and features a curious Lisa enlisting the service of a questionable FBI agent, to discover why Homer appears to have turned after coming back from a nuclear power plant operating convention, according to Deadline. It is set much like the Showtime hit, but will be shown in a comedy fashion. Kristen Wiig, the SNL alum, also provides the voice for the agent.

The Simpsons has certainly had great success over the years and as it enters its 25th season, it entered with a bang and spoofed a hit action show, hoping to attract a large audience. Alarms are set off in the show after Homer starts acting politely, stops eating pork and quits drinking beer. For all The non-Simposons fans, for Homer to quit drinking is a huge deal, and this would cause up some serious drama. TV Guide states that the FBI agent on The Simpsons is on medication and having hallucinations, plus she is very conflicted since she wants to arrest Homer, but has also fallen in love with him. For those that do not watch Homeland, this scenario follows very closely to what happens between Carrie and Brody.

It seems that not being a fan of Homeland, did put some viewers at a disadvantage...

In the third season premiere of Homeland, fans have been waiting all year to see what will happen after a deadly explosion that concluded the second season. The Simpsons will also look to do big things this year, since it has been on for 25 years, and has a Treehouse Of Horror special that will be directed by Guillermo Del Toro.