The Secret World MMO Goes Free-To-Play


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Yet another MMO released with a subscription model has gone free-to-play. Today, Funcom announced that The Secret World has broken Star Wars: The Old Republic's record for fastest subscription to free-to-play switch.

Subscriptions for the modern day, Lovecraftian, conspiracy theory-laden MMO are now optional. Players can buy the game for $30 (or €30 or £25) and play all of the story content currently available. Four major updates for the title, which was released back in July, have already been released. Funcom is offering all of the upcoming content in the fifth update and an "Initiate Pack" (which includes weapons, a pet, and social clothing) for players who buy the game before December 31. Starting in January, updates (called "Issues" in Secret World parlance) will be sold for $5 each.

Like nearly all MMOs that have switched to free-to-play, The Secret World still has perks for players who continue to subscribe. Subscribers gain access to a monthly allotment of $10 worth of in-game cash, a monthly item-of-the-month, a 10% discount on all in-game store items, and a Time Accelerator - an item that doubles experience gain for 1 hour, with a 16 hour cool-down. In addition, those who have purchased the Grandmaster Pack get an extra 10% off in-game store items on top of the subscription discount.