The Robotic Uprising Begins At Google I/O

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On top of all the great new hardware and software that Google showed off at I/O, there was another trend taking off - robots. Surprisingly enough, it seems that Android is pretty good at powering robots. We already saw a few of these robots that were really good at dancing. There were more than dancing robots though at Google I/O.

A video from the big show details all the amazing robots that developers and engineers brought from around the world. The robots were on show during the Google I/O after-party which was a chance for developers to show off their inventions.

One of the coolest robots on show was called Titanaboa, a robotic recreation of an ancient giant snake. This only means that we're on the cusp of creating life-size robotic dinosaurs that will be able to act on their own and destroy us all. It's good to know that the robotic revolution will begin with dinosaurs and giant snakes.

In other news, watch out for the giant robotic human face. It's like a biotic Wizard of Oz that's terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time. It can express various different emotions in a life-life way that's kind of unsettling.

You may come to the conclusion, as I have, that Google I/O 2012 was the year that mankind began making robots that can destroy us all. From giant snakes to autonomous mini-drones, the robotic uprising is looking bright. We'll see you at Google I/O 2013 when somebody reveals the T-1000.

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