The Rising Popularity of E-Books [Infographic]

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I am sure you already know that e-books and e-book readers are becoming more popular everyday. Whenever somebody mentions e-books it is almost completely natural to go into the debate over which one is better. Some folks are die-hard physical copy fans. Others see the value of having hundreds of book on-demand in a nice easy to transport device. The fact is, they both have their advantages and drawbacks.

What I see happening is a complementary relationship; it's not a love-hate issue. You didn't give up talking on the phone when they came out with text messaging, did you? No, it's just another medium for communication. You don't have to take a stand, there's plenty of room for both mediums to exist.

This next inforgraphic from OnlineUniversities.Com illustrates the relationship in a really powerful way. Interestingly, 73% of American readers prefer e-books for travel. I think that's a no-brainer. You can fit as many e-books as you want on one device, but you're limited with carrying around physical copies.

When it come to reading to our children, over 80% preferred a hard copy. Of course, most of us don't trust young kids with expensive devices, and besides, kids love to hear the same stories over and over again. The hard copy is their version of on-demand.

This is a great infographic, take some time and explore what they came up with:

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