The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship [Infographic]


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Not too surprisingly, consumers want the way they spend their money to matter to others as much as it matters to them. Over 80% of American consumers want to buy from cause-related brands. In other words, they want the profits to go for more than just lining the stockholder's pockets.

Addressing this new demand is an increasing number of small startups and entrepreneurs who take social issues seriously. They're using social media to engage us and reach more consumers like never before. This next infographic from Roozt.Com gives us some incredible facts about social entrepreneurship and how they're impacting the American economy.

Many of these social entrepreneurs are challenging what conventional business has established in the past and achieving great results. Social media is changing the way we interact with brands and also changing what we expect from those brands. Take a look at this graphic and see for yourself the changing landscape of American business.

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