The Rise and Fall of RIM [Infographic]


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When Research In Motion, onetime king of the smartphone mountain, released its 2011 fourth quarter earnings report last week, things didn't look good for the company. Along with the release of the earnings report came an announcement that the company would be rethinking its strategy, with a focus on appealing to the enterprise market, where it still has a small advantage over prominent makers of Androids and and the iPhone. This announcement was first widely interpreted to mean that RIM would be abandoning the consumer market, though the company followed-up, insisting it is not entirely abandoning the market, but rather is focusing on a specific subset of the consumer market -- namely, the intersection of business and personal use -- where the BlackBerry still thrives.

O! how the mighty have fallen. The once great "CrackBerry" has lost the battle of addictiveness to the iPhone and Android, and games like Words With Friends and Draw Something. Here's a chart from Statista detailing RIM's loss of market share since 2009.