The Promised Day Of Google Fiber Is Almost Upon Us

IT Management

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Google Fiber is the project that I'm most excited about this year. If it takes off, it has the chance of really putting a dent into the monopolistic tendencies of many ISPs in the U.S. By providing fast speeds at a cheaper prices, Google challenges the model of companies like Verizon and Time Warner who want to give you less speed for more cost while strapping bandwidth caps onto customers.

Well, Time Warner better start offering bigger rewards for people to spy on Google in Kansas City. Google Fiber is about to launch and it must have ISPs quaking in their boots. To thank the residents of Kansas City for letting them launch the future of Internet technology, Google has created a little video going through the history of Kansas City leading up to the announcement that they would be the first to get Google Fiber.

It's great that Kansas City is getting super fast Internet, but here's hoping Google can start spreading the love all over the U.S. They should totally install fiber in Lexington, Kentucky as their next stop. It's not like I hate paying $60 a month for 30 Mbps, but a cheaper and faster alternative would be nice.

Google still hasn't announced a launch date for Google Fiber, but they tell us to keep an eye on the Google Fiber Web site come July 26. The video above says it arrives on that date, so it's a good guess that Google will flip the switch on that day. It will be interesting, and potentially hilarious, to see everybody in Kansas City dropping their current Internet in favor of Google Fiber.