The Pope Started Tweeting Today, Just So You Know

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If your Twitter stream needed a little more Jesus, you're in luck. Pope Benedict XVI, or simply "the pope" to me and you, has officially dipped his toes into the wide world of Twitter.

The Pope actually joined the social media site back on December 3rd. @Pontifex quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of followers, and that was just the English language account. The Pope's tweets are actually being broadcast over eight different Twitter accounts in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Arabic, and French.

Vatican officials told us that his holiness would began tweeting on December 12th, and here it is, right on schedule. So far @Pontifex has shared five tweets - one "hello" message and four faith-based messages. Here they are:

When the Twitter account was first created, The Vatican said that the pope's tweet would be his own - meaning that they would come from his mouth. We doubt that he's sitting there glued to his iPad, however (he probably has aides to do the actual tweeting).

Also, no responses to the beautifully hijacked #AskPontifex experiment yet. Huh, imagine that?

You can watch him post his first tweet below:

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