The Pope May Screw Up Your New iPhone 6s Deliveries, Ugh

Josh WolfordIT Management

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If you live in New York, consider your Friday ruined.

There's a decent chance that you won't be taking tequila shot selfies on Friday night – well, you probably will, just not with the iPhone 6s' cool new screen-flash.

Apple has sent out an email to New Yorkers who purchased the new iPhone, warning them that their pretty new rose-colored devices may not arrive on Friday, September 25th – the day IT'S SUPPOSED TO.

"Thank you for your recent Apple Store purchase. Your iPhone 6s 64GB Rose Gold is scheduled for delivery on Friday, September 25th. However, due to traffic restrictions expected for that day in New York City, your delivery may be delayed. If we're unable to complete the delivery on Friday, we'll also be making Saturday deliveries at most locations," reads the email. "We know you're looking forward to receiving your new iPhone, and we apologize if your order is affected."

Damn right looking forward to it. What traffic restrictions, ugh?

Oh yeah.

The Pope's coming to America. Blame #coolpope for your day-late iPhones. Just another reason to boycott, right?

Josh Wolford
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