The Phantom Pain Trailer Gives Off Metal Gear Vibes


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Over the weekend, Spike TV hosted its annual Video Game Awards. There were few surprises outside of an announcement for Dark Souls II, but one trailer in particular is still causing fierce discussion and speculation across the gaming world.

On Friday night, an unknown developer called Moby Dick Studios revealed its newest game, The Phantom Pain. The trailer features an amputee as he is trying to escape a hospital while everything around him is going to hell. It also appears that the main character may also be hallucinating as he sees people and horses made of fire while a giant flying whale eats a helicopter. It's kind of hard to explain so you should just check out the trailer:

Shortly after the trailer went live, speculation began to run rampant that this trailer is just a clever ruse orchestrated by none other than Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame. Many elements from the trailer hearken back to previous Metal Gear games with the man in the fire looking a lot like Volgin from Metal Gear Solid 3 and the main character in question looking too much like Snake for it to be a mere coincidence. You can find out more about Metal Gear nods in the trailer by checking out the comprehensive thread over at NeoGAF.

Many speculate that The Phantom Pain is in fact Metal Gear Solid V. They note that the V in this case is not the roman numeral for five, but rather the letter "V" for victory. Some argue that this may be a prequel to the already announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Kojima's open world game that's running on his studio's FOX engine. We won't know anything for sure until Konami or Moby Dick Studios spills the beans.