The Order: 1886 Gameplay Finally Unveiled


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At E3, Sony announced that it was working with Ready at Dawn to create an exclusive PS4 title called The Order: 1886. At the time, we were treated to a trailer that introduced us to the setting and characters. Since then, gamers have been wanting to see gameplay and that gameplay is finally here.

VG24/7 got the exclusive debut gameplay reveal for The Order: 1886 in a trailer that also features interviews with the team working on the game. The team discusses the world, the story and what they're doing to set their third-person shooter apart from the pack.

While third-person shooters aren't exactly next gen, The Order: 1886 is doing some neat things with its narrative that are novel. For instance, there is no inherent split between cinematics and gameplay, and players will often be tasked with controlling the cinematic. One such example has players surveying the field with binoculars as the protagonist comments on what comes into view. It's still a traditional scripted experience, however, as the story won't progress until the player triggers the next main story event.

The Order: 1886 will be out in 2014 exclusively on the PS4.

UPDATE: Here's a new story trailer straight from Sony: